Uncle Roger

What an interesting web page. The first thing you click on is a computer screen with “Uncle Roger by Judy Malloy” and then it’s on. Then you can click on one of three files of poems or some information about the author. You can always get back to the previous page through a link.

What was really interesting was when you get into the files of poems. In the first file, you choose a link to follow, and then you are limited to which links you can select after that. BUT! You can click on the same link you clicked on before, and it will open up a different poem and different link options to click on. And you can keep doing that. Almost endlessly it seems.

The second file has three images you can click on to open a poem and the images change as you click on them. I didn’t have as much fun with this file.

The third file has blocks to click on to open up poems. The blocks will stay in the same position and each block only contains one poem. I liked randomly clicking on blocks to open different poems.

This was an interesting way to display poetry and I really liked it.

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