Social Media Project Proposal

Vision/Mission: For this project, I have the vision of creating a new Reddit account for the sole purpose of starting off a song and hoping some other users will continue the song. Ultimately, I would want at least one song to be finished to completion.

Platform: As mentioned above, I would like to use Reddit as my social media platform. Anyone can comment on any post on Reddit, so it would be open to the millions of users to continue the thread.

Execution: I would go to music subreddits of specific artists. Like Eminem, J. Cole, NF, Joyner Lucas, and others. But instead of posting the start of one of their own songs, I would start a song from a completely different genre or artist entirely. So I would go on r/eminem, where the discussion is strictly Eminem focused, and make a comment on a top post that says “Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me.”

Capture/Presentation: I could take screenshots of the threads that have continued off of my original comment, or I could create links to my successful threads. You do not need a Reddit account to “lurk” on posts and comments. (Lurking means to browse Reddit without posting, commenting, or voting).

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