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So this project has not been exactly progressing as I had hoped. I wanted people to jump in a little sing along on Reddit, by starting off with a song lyric. My original idea was to go to an artist’s subreddit and begin a song that was not theirs. For example, going on to Eminem’s subreddit page and commenting “At first I was afraid, I was petrified”. You know, something fun like that. That did not catch on whatsoever.

So I switched it up and started to comment song lyrics of the artist’s page I was on. That immediately was a larger and faster success. People replied to my thread faster than before, and I finally had a chain going of different redditers continuing the lyrics. I thought for sure that people would finish the song, however they stopped the chain after the intro chorus.

I had my most success on an NF post, which I will show a screen shot of below. I had a funny little quick thread on a Donald Glover/Childish Gambino post, which I will also show. And then other than that, I’ve had one comment added to my posts or none. I still have high hopes for this. I just need to comment on the right post at the right time and hope it takes off.

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Hi Tyler!

First of all, I think your idea for your project is really cool. I think that choosing Reddit as your platform was an interesting way to go and it seems like a total success to me! It made me wonder whether your experiment would work on other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. You definitely adapted once you realized that things didn’t seem to be going smoothly and then after you made your changes you started seeing more comments. I would definitely keep doing what you’re doing as far as getting other people to catch on to the song. Are there peak times when you notice people tend to comment more? Have you had more success with your chosen artists’ hits or are you still seeing comments on songs that aren’t singles or hits? I’m excited to see how you’ll piece it all together!


I really like this idea! I have seen similar things done on multiple social media platforms and it is both very fun and creative. I think that depending on which artist you choose to comment on will certainly effect your results. You said some artists pages had less replies than others, maybe certain fan bases are more likely to respond to comments like this than other fan bases. As an NF fan myself, I can say that his fan base is full of fun loving people who love his music so much that they would love the chance to do something fun like this on his page. It all has to do with the differences in the fans more than the artist. Good luck, I hope it goes really well, don’t get discouraged though it’s a great idea!

I think this is a really interesting idea! I’m glad you found some success!!! I think maybe something helpful could be expanding it to other platforms, too. Maybe commenting on a star’s Instagram post would start something. I really hope you continue with this idea, because it’s fun and interesting and it would be really cool to see this idea take off.

This looks like it’s going pretty well already (at least much better than mine is). If you have an issue with people finishing the song, maybe try commenting again to keep it going. Another thing you could try is doing a ‘meme’ song like All Star by Smash Mouth (or a more current one). Overall I think what you’re doing right now seems to be working well, and I think it’s a good concept. I can’t wait to see how far into a song you can get.

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