Podcast Reflection

My original idea for this project was to take a song and break down the meaning of its lyrics. The more I thought about it, the more difficult I felt that would be as far as editing the podcast with the song. Licensing issues would just be the start of it. So I decided to go with my secondary option that I wrote about last time. I went with a fiction story over podcast and background music I found on one of those free sites.

The project started with a short story I had written previously that I had always felt would be better if I spoke it to people rather than have them read it. I didn’t understand how I would make that into a reality until listening to that Nightvale podcast and realized that is exactly what I wanted to do for my story.

I wanted this podcast to sound eerie, so I tried to record it in a strange, almost monotone voice. I gave some inflection when I thought it would be necessary, but I really wanted every part of it to feel weird, because the story is weird. The ambient background music fit well into the story, I felt, because it just added to that sense of underlying dread like something was askew. I thought the whole project came together pretty well in the end. The only hiccup I had was that my recording device saved the file as a .m4a and I had to look up a converter, but that was pretty easy. The actual editing and cutting of the podcast came easily to me as well, because I had edited songs in the past on FL Studio, so the controls were really similar.

I learned that I’m really glad I kept the podcast around 6 minutes, because I played those 6 minutes back over and over again. I couldn’t imagine having to edit a 20-minute podcast. And if I had to do this over again, I would want to have more objects available to do some proper background noises. I really only had my hoodie to throw on a chair to mimic the character throwing his winter jacket on a couch, and I had a lighter to mimic the lighter the character used. Other than that, the banging sounds were just me hitting my desk or the wall to try and make it sound legit. I would have loved to be able to actually smash an old glass vase to make the mirror sound right.

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