Final Blog Post

I would like to start out by saying…the back end of this semester sucked hard. I didn’t have to deal with personally moving, as I live in a house off-campus, but I still helped transition into living with me during the quarantine. I, like many others I’m sure, struggled with focusing on schoolwork while at home. I struggled with motivation in general to do anything besides eat and use the restroom. But, I was able to overcome these obstacles and push through to end. I had to remind myself that this was only temporary, and hopefully will not continue into next semester.

I felt really good about my podcast, and I think it turned out excellently. For my final Twine, I added quite a few Easter eggs for the people in this class specifically to find. A majority of the endings are still personality based, but if you take some specific paths, you might end up with some very interesting results. I decided not to make the personality quiz as dark as I initially planned. I figured people might not want to rerun it if the ending they got was a bit too harsh, so I toned it down a bit.

I realized with this project, that while I am generally a happy and upbeat person, I enjoy writing darker themes a lot. People don’t always want darker themes though, of course, so I think sometimes catering to your audience is more important than I previously realized.

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